"...Illuminating, inspiring and liberating." J John (Philo Trust)

The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

“Native hunters in the jungles of Africa have a clever way of trapping monkeys. They slice a coconut in two, hollow it out, and in one half of the shell cut a hole just big enough for a monkey’s hand to pass through. Then they place an orange in the other coconut half before fastening together the two halves of the coconut shell.
Finally, they secure the coconut to a tree with a rope, retreat into the jungle, and wait. Sooner or later, an unsuspecting monkey swings by, smells the delicious orange, and discovers its location inside the coconut. The monkey then slips their hand through the small hole, grasp the orange, and try to pull it through the hole. Of course, the orange won’t come out; it’s too big for the hole. To no avail the persistent monkey continues to pull and pull, never realising the danger they are in. While the monkey struggles with the orange, the hunters simply stroll in and capture the monkey by throwing a net over them. As long as the monkey keeps their fist wrapped around the orange, the monkey is trapped. The monkey could save its own life if it would let go of the orange. It rarely occurs to a monkey, however, that it can’t have both the orange and its freedom.
We frequently trap ourselves because of our thinking and limit our freedom and potential. It’s time we renewed our minds because what we think affects what we do.Dave Gilpin’s Mindmap is illuminating, inspiring and liberating. A good book is one whose advice we believe. A great book is one whose advice we follow. This is a GOOD and GREAT book. Don’t stop thinking, but STOP to THINK again.”

International Evangelist – Philo Trust

“The Mind Map analogy gives one of the clearest insights into the renewal of the mind that I’ve ever come across. It not only explains the thinking process but step by step helps people to break negative mindsets and to move steadily into their God-given future. It’s a revolutionary tool for 21Century Christians. I’m sure C.S Lewis would have been impressed.”

Roger Davies
Hope City Church, Liverpool

Dave Gilpin‘s Mind Map belongs to an old world of Pilgrims Progress and Lord of the Rings where truths are visualised and easily understood. From the youngest to the oldest, and from the most broken to the most together, the Mind Map Series is set to unlock hopes and dreams that would otherwise have laid buried by old habits and ways. If you’re a pilgrim, welcome to progress!”

Siobhan Bullock
Director City Hearts Recovery Programme

“As a clinical psychologist my job entails me helping people understand the interaction between thoughts and behaviours.  Dave Gilpin has developed an excellent tool to help people make fundamental change in their lives.  Using allegory he has created a map of the mind to enable people to understand why we think and act the way we do.  It can be difficult for many people to make sense of seemingly random thoughts and their power to create fear and hopelessness.
Dave Gilpin’s Mind Map provides a framework to help navigate through the chaos of the mind making it possible to strongholds of habit to be replaced by renewed thinking.  The Mind Map alleviates fear, isolation and leads people into a healthy, productive and fulfilled life. On rare occasions a book comes along that has the ability to significantly change lives and I believe Dave Gilpin has written that book.”

Dr Anita Rose
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

“What a great creative way to express some important teaching. It took a few minutes for me to really get into it, but as I studied the Mind Map it really made great sense. As I’ve been praying about stuff following on from it, I found myself imagining cities and stations etc. and what they might look like. It really helped me make some positive decisions!”

David Stoner
Senior Pastor, The Community Church, Chorley, UK

“This has been one of clearest messages I’ve ever heard on the subject of strongholds in the mind and how to replace them with a powerful renewing of the mind. The way you illustrate the process of how strongholds are formed in the first place is very impacting for both leadership and everyday Christian living! Great!”

Andy Gorman
Missionary in Ghana, Africa

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    Mindmap is so incredibly focus-shifting. Given the chance it can completely change your pattern of thinking. I recently had a car accident and in the time after the event all I really wanted to do was sit at home in a cloud of complete self-pity. As soon as I acknowledged that that was exactly what I wanted to do, I retraced my thoughts and decided to take a different train. I knew that I was okay, that I was alive and that this whole situation could have been 100 times worse, so I got up and went out. Mindmap allows your mind the opportunity to explore the areas of your life that don’t have to be given the room to be built up and gives free reign to the cities of your new mind meaning that you can be the absolute best version of yourself. I could not recommend it highly enough.

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