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Life Stories

Life Stories

Mind Map Life Stories

Dave Gilpin interviews people from broken and dysfunctional backgrounds who have made huge changes in their lives through both Faith in God and a Renewing of the Thinking Process. He discovers how involved the Holy Spirit can get in changing the Thinking Process and how New Habits of the Mind can change lives forever.

Po’s Story {Three 10 minute episodes}

Po's StoryPo talks to Dave Gilpin about her life growing up in a family steeped in the occult. She shares how both abuse and addiction held her captive for many years, and how by the power of Jesus Christ she has been able to establish New Strongholds within her Thinking that have set her up for a life of freedom and destiny.

Sam’s Story {One 30 minute episode}

Sam's StorySam suffered from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for a lot of his teenage years. At one point, he was unable to leave his bedroom for fear of living under a curse. Through being born again by the Holy Spirit and a change in the thinking process, he was able to be set free and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life, both socially and spiritually.

Kat’s Story {Two 30 minute episodes}

Kat's StoryKat talks to Dave about the abuse she suffered under extended family members and how it affected her self-image and her relationship with the opposite sex. Her desperation for true fatherhood led her to the cross and to a whole new way of thinking. Her story is so gripping, we’ve turned it into 2 episodes!

Tom’s Story{One 30 minute episode}

Tom's StoryTom talks to Dave about life on the front line, how he overcame fear and worry and built Cities of Peace and Joy in the region of the New Mind. He sheds light on the general mood around camp, how he fought against peer pressure and became a shining light amongst his unit in Afganistan.

Karen’s Story{One 30 minute episode}

Karen's StoryKaren talks to Dave about growing up in a chaotic home, how she overcame a potentially life-controlling eating disorder. She talks about the effect of her father’s bi-polar disease on the family, and how she was able to overcome thoughts of fear and low self-esteem through prayer and the word of God.

Lauren’s Story{One 30 minute episode}

Lauren's StoryLauren talks to Dave about how she overcame her life-threatening eating disorders. She reveals how anorexia took control of her life, put her in hospital for months and even prevented her from speaking. Lauren also talks about how the Holy Spirit helped her to overcome her drug addiction, her family troubles; and how God enabled her to experience true freedom.

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