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Old Worn Tracks

Old Worn Tracks

This year is looking pretty different for Mrs Mindmap and I. Mindmap Junior has moved away, and my role is changing at work and we’ve just moved house! There’s loads of new things going on – and new things often cause me to think and worry over them again and again.

But really, if I were to look at the past, I would know the answer. I love the Bible verse from 2 Samuel 4v9 – “As the Lord lives, who has delivered my life out of every adversity…”

The Lord has delivered me, always. I am still here, still breathing, still alive – God has been faithful – but our trains of thought so often forget this! Where there should we well worn tracks of faithfulness, we often slip into worry and doubt. What if it goes wrong this time?

It’s time to go over the things God has done for you – to get back onto the old faithful tracks. God has been faithful from generation to generation – and he will continue to be.

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