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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

RSA (Repetitive Strain Adjustment)

RSA (Repetitive Strain Adjustment)

Our brains are habit forming! Do something for 70 days and you can develop a new habit that’s hard to break. The habit of staying upright on a bicycle is hard to break once you’ve ‘got’ it. The habit of smoking, explosions of anger, patience and rubbing your hands together can be both created and dismantled.
If you want to change your game of golf, it’s going to take hundreds of repetitions to adjust your swing.
RSA is your key to a brighter future. Repeating new behavioural patterns, straining against old habits and making adjustments needed to establish a new way of living.
In the end it’s all worth it.
Your Habits determine your future.

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    Fifteen years ago I threw a pan of hot fat accross a room. The pan was on fire and I wanted to get it outside. Since then i picked the scabs which formed on my arms as a result of the boiling chip fat burning my skin.
    I’ve prayed, my friends have prayed, yet I still do it. Im fed up with it. I just can’t break the habit. My arms are sore and un-sightly. Where am I going wrong?

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