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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

Discovery of the Century…

Discovery of the Century…

John Mason once said “Perhaps the greatest discovery of this century is that if you change your attitude, you can change your life.” How we think determines our attitudes and actions and ultimately our future.

Take this last week. Mrs Mindmap and I have been so busy with our various work commitments we’ve barely seen each other. To top that my brain has been so active thinking of new ideas for my latest work project that I can’t sleep. Each time I try to get a good forty winks there’s about a million ideas and thoughts clamouring for attention! I’m tired. Exhausted, in fact, and slightly annoyed that work is taking up more of my life than I’d like.

I could have easily let my emotions of irritation and exhaustion rule my actions. I could let my thoughts drag their way through Self Justification and Self Centredness, getting angry when things don’t go how I planned. Mrs Mindmap is generally the one who bears the brunt of my moodiness and sharp tone. She’s patient but I’m aware it’s unfair. The Bible talks about operating in Self Control. That town as been a distant dot on the horizon to be honest. I’ve pretty much justified my outbursts by blaming collegues who’ve missed deadlines or on a jobs list as long as a giraffes neck!

I dug out my bible and read Colossians 3, which says “set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” and encourages to put on (and keep on) the new self, which does not anger and is clothed with patience and kindness.

Putting on this new self is a hard daily decision at the best of times, but I know if I do I’ll eventually feel a lot better about my current circumstances and enjoy things all the more!

Change your attitude, change your life!! Mrs Mindmap will thank me when she notices the change!

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    Here’s something I heard once: “Your attitude determines your altitude.” That’s true metaphorically; it’s also true in the real world of flying planes, where ‘attitude’ is a technical term (loosely translated as whether the plane’s nose is pointing up or down). And ok, you pilots out there, yes I know you can be descending while your nose is up… but it’s still a helpful analogy I think :o)

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