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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Cities of Habit – The Habitual Strongholds of the Mind, situated in the New Mind, the Fallen Mind and the Natural Mind.

Skyline of the Mind – The dominant Habits of the Mind that determine what we do when our Will is weak.

Tracks of Thought – Laid down in the New Mind by meditating and applying God’s spoken word to our hearts, in the Fallen Mind by dwelling on temptation and, in the Natural Mind by thinking and acting on fresh ideas and plans.

Trains of Thought – After tracks are laid, individual thoughts team up to become Trains of Thought that head straight to the Cities of Habit.

Grand Central Station of the Will – The Will is at the centre of your mind from which every decision is made and every Train of Thought departs.

Information Super Highway – The Natural Mind is connected to both the New Mind and the Fallen Mind by this ‘motivational’ link.

Sea of Thought – Containing both Intuitive Thoughts and Intellectual Thoughts, with many fi nding their way into Grand Central.

Station Platform – These are the places where Thoughts board Trains of Thought to either the New, Fallen or Natural Regions of the Mind.

Fields of Dreams – Visualizing is a function of the Mind used by either Faith, Fear or Desire to both enhance and embellish incoming thoughts.

Floods of Emotion – Emotions rise from the soul into the Mind to exert their influence of Passion or Pessimism.

Tube Map of the Soul – Underneath the Mind are Soul Trains of Emotion; reflecting our personality, our history and our true character. These emotions surface at Grand Central Station of the Will.

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