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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

Q & A

Q & A

Here’s a whole lot of common questions asked about in reference to the Mind Map analogy.


Q: Why do you think it takes both faith and a change of mind in order to ‘test drive’ God’s ‘good, pleasing and perfect will’?
A: Our thoughts are the connector between our inner world of faith and THE outer world of our actions. Steps of obedience begin in the mind. Our thoughts have to line up with our faith, otherwise doubt and unbelief will prevent Gods ‘good, pleasing and perfect will’ coming to pass. Faith without ‘works’ is like seed without soil. It remains dormant and ineffective.

Q: Why is it important to begin the Renewing of the Mind with this essential truth? What would happen if we didn’t come to grips with the truth of this Scripture?
A: Being a Christian begins with our spirits coming alive in Christ. It then influences our heart, soul and mind. Faith and Salvation ARE heart issues that are then accompanied by a Renewing of the Mind.

Q: Positive Thinking has become a mantra of the age we live in. What do you think about Positive Thinking and what do you think are the essential differences between that and RENEWING THE MIND?
A: Positive thinking is optimistic and solution focused. It’s also a powerful servant of either darkness or light. Positivity is developed by discipline only. The New Mind is MORE THAN THAT – It’s a work of the Holy Spirit.

Q: Why is it so, and can you give some lighter examples of how some old habits have surfaced in your life recently and taken you by surprise?
A: Examples CAN include moments of jealousy, shyness, anxiety, self justifcation, anger or white lies. Someone else may have been really blessed lately and instead of rejoicing you’re secretly envious.


Q: Give some examples of a truth that you once knew ‘in your head’ but now it is both ‘in your heart’ and ‘in your head’.
A: Examples may include: The knowledge of God’s love, his ability to answer, his ability to overcome, his capacity to provide, his wisdom to direct.


Q: What are the different ways that we can both meditate and re-affirm God’s word to us in order to turn a small PATHWAY OF THOUGHT into a strong TRAIN OF THOUGHT?
A: We can do it by: Making notes from our Bible readings and sermons, going slowly through the scriptures instead of rushing, declaring the promises of God, immediately putting the Word into practice.


Q: What your Mind is set on will change the way you live. To reset our Minds by weakening the FALLEN CITIES OF HABIT and strengthening the NEW CITIES OF HABIT will take some time. What do you think will be your greatest challenges ahead?
A: It may be in the area of: Longstanding habits, creating a ‘faith environment’, reducing doubt, starting all over again.

Q: There are two kinds of thought that enter GRAND CENTRAL STATION OF THE WILL – Intellectual (observational and reflective) and Intuitive (perceptive). Imagine that you have just finished a long-term relationship with someone who now refuses to see you ever again. List three Intellectual Thoughts and three Intuitive Thoughts that may arise.
A: Three ‘Intellectual Thoughts’ may include: ‘I’m now on my own.’, ‘I have no friends.’, ‘I have to change bank accounts.’ THREE INTUITIVE Thoughts’ may include: ‘I’ve been rejected once again.’, ‘I’m feeling lonely and isolated.’, ‘I will be single a very long time.’


Q: What were some of the TRAINS OF THOUGHT the devil was tempting Jesus with at times like when He was in the desert?
A: The train of instinct: It’s time to put your physical needs ahead of your spiritual obedience. The train of reason: How about you look after number one? The train of doubt: Is the word of God really true?

Q: What would be some of the TRAINS OF THOUGHT that would tempt people who has found themselves on their own after being in a long-standing relationship?
A: To go out with someone ‘on the rebound’. To give up on God because of disappointment. To pull back and become a ‘hermit’! To develop a ‘rejection complex’.

Q: How did Jesus launch NEW TRAINS OF THOUGHT that led to the strengthening of the NEW CITIES OF THE NEW MIND?
A: He always referred to the scriptures. He didn’t entertain any doubt. He refused the Devil immediately.

Q: Our instincts were designed for the survival of the human species. What instinctive reactions would the enemy try to trigger in someone who is say, ‘skint’?
A: It could be: To illegally claim extra money from an insurance policy, the tax offIce OR the welfare system. To stop all acts of generosity. To go on a spending spree.

Q: The PLATFORM OF OBEDIENCE is the principle platform of the NEW MIND with the Station Master being the Holy Spirit. How does ‘in view of God’s mercy’ help us to deny our fallen feelings and imaginings and obey the Holy Spirit?
A: This scripture helps us to line our thinking up with all we actually believe. •God is good and is worthy of our reciprocation.

Q: Out of the Station Masters of the four PLATFORMS OF THE FALLEN MIND, which ones tend to shout the loudest in places of difficulty or challenge?
A: It could be the platform of imagination, with little fears encouraging us to take our eyes ofF what we really believe.

Q: When we hear from God’s heart, Faith is deposited in our Spirit and an inspired PATHWAY OF THOUGHT is left within our Mind. To change this PATHWAY into a new TRAIN OF THOUGHT requires full co-operation from the GRAND CENTRAL STATION OF OUR WILL. Out of all of the thoughts that enter GRAND CENTRAL, which types of thoughts are more susceptible to the temptations of the Devil?
A: Thoughts concerning the future welfare of people you deeply love. Thoughts during turbulent times of trouble. ‘Eye candy’ thoughts in line with basic instincts.

Q: Sometime back, a famous song contained the words “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want”. Many of our decisions are really based on what we want, not what we really want. Why is that?
A: We are often taken up with felt needs and not real needs. We get easily distracted from our convictions and deep desires by the everyday demands of life.

Q: Deep inside every Christian is a revival. What can we do to let this revival be reflected in our thinking?
A: We need to line the commitments of our mind with the convictions of our spirit. This can be helped by also lining up our conduct and our confession with our convictions.

Q: The Bible is strongly opposed to drunkenness and drugs. Is it because they affect the power of choice?How?
A: They weaken our decision making process. Un-renewed minds have a bias towards evil, the weakening of ‘Central Station’ usually leads to self indulgence and carnal desires.

Q: By making changes to our environment we can reduce the number of domineering thoughts that enter the GRAND CENTRAL STATION OF THE WILL. This will make it easier to ‘resist temptation’. What are the many ways we can reduce an environment of Temptation and create an environment of Faith?
A: By being a vibrant part of a great church programme. By having a regular ‘quiet time’ of devotion. By eliminating compromised relationships. By eliminating compromised books, movies and web browsing. By praying with others.

Q: How does our speech strengthen or weaken the decisions being made at GRAND CENTRAL?
A: Speaking words of faith help lay tracks of faith that EVENTUALLY turn into trains of thought that feed the new mind. (Speaking words of fear does the same for the Fallen Mind).

Q: What are some other challenges that we all face in the journey of Renewing our Mind?
A: They could be to do with starting all over again, taking time to make right decisions, rebuilding an environment of faith.


Q: Hidden behind all of the SELF CITIES is a ROYAL THRONE TO SELF. Why is pride the strongest and most resistant of all sins?

A: It never admits wrong. It always blames others. It only thinks about itself.

Q: What is it about these particular sins (Historic Cities) that God is so opposed to?
A: They deVALUE human dignity. They use and abuse others for their own satisfaction. They lead to guilt, condemnation and DEATH in the mind of the one who sins. They destroy relationships.

Q: Why does our attitude determine our altitude?
A: Our moods often dominate our speech and our behaviour. Our attitude will either stop us from pursuing destiny or stir us up to pursue IT.

Q: What are some INDUSTRIAL CITIES that affect our attitude to life in a negative way?
A: The list should include: the city of Inferiority, the city of Rejection, the city of depression.


Q: Why is the METROPOLIS OF LOVE the greatest of all CITIES?
A: Love is to do with motivation and direction. Every city of the new mind is directly connected to the Metropolis of Love. Love is the rudder, Faith the engine and hope is the fuel.

Q: If these characteristics not only apply to others but to you as a person, how could it change the way we see and treat ourselves?
A: You would VIEW yourself with a forgiving spirit. You would be kind and full of understanding for yourself. You would think the best about your future.

Q: How are all the CITIES OF THE FALLEN MIND linked to spirit of fear and how does the METROPLIS OF LOVE clear away the pollution of fear and condemnation?
A: The cities of the Fallen Mind draw on a fear of the opinion of others and a fear of the future. The Bible says that ‘Perfect love drives out fear’ – 1 John 4:18. It also drives out guilt and condemnation – Romans 8:34.

Q: Why is joy listed high up in THE CITIES OF THE NEW MIND? Joy is an ATTITUDINAL CITY. What attitudes does it repel?
A: ‘The joy of the Lord is our strength’ – Nehemiah 8:10. Joy rebukes negativity, depression, cynicism and despondency. Joy is found besides the cities of Hope and Thanksgiving.

Q: What’s so important about the CITY OF PEACE and what kind of CITIES does it resist in the FALLEN MIND?
A: The City of Peace stabilizes our mind against the warfare of fear and anxiety. It resists the City of Anger as well as the Cities of Jealousy and Envy. Peace is a Guardian City that enforces a ‘Sound Mind’. (2 Timothy 1:7).

Q: What’s some scriptures that refer to the TWIN CITIES OF PATIENCE AND SELF CONTROL? Why is it an essential part of the SKYLINE OF THE MIND?
A: Galatians 6:9 tells us not to give up because ‘…At the proper time we will reap a harvest…’ if you remain patient and self controlled. Psalm 37:7 calls us to ‘be still BEforE the Lord and wait patiently for him.’ Verse 11 says ‘The meek (strength under control) will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.’

Q: Why is it so important to grow the TWIN CITIES OF KINDNESS AND GENTLENESS and what would happen if you didn’t?
A: Kindness prevents you from writing yourself off. Gentleness gives you hope when things are at their lowest ebb. The Twin City stops us from despising ‘the day of small beginnings’ (Zechariah 4:10).

Q: Integrity is a big part of the infrastructure of the CITY OF GOODNESS – what exactly is integrity and why is it so important that we develop it?
A: Integrity is being the same person in the public as in private. Integrity is about being true to your word and being the person you project yourself to be.

Q: What kind of strength does the CITY OF FAITHFULNESS add to THE CITIES OF THE NEW MIND?
A: Faithfulness is about commitment to the journey. It FIghts against the City of ‘Quitsville’. Faithfulness isn’t just about gathering faith but ‘keeping the faith’.


Q: Why is it that a lot of people abandon the CITY OF CREATIVITY after becoming Christians?
A: Christians associate their creativity and spark with the sins they committed before salvation. They also associate creativity with ‘the secular world’. It is actually a gift from God. In Christ there is no secular/spiritual, only spiritual/carnal.

Q: What are the two major characteristics of the CITY OF POSITIVITY?
A: Optimism and the spirit of “the glass is half full”.

Q: If sex is a gift from God, why has the church often seen it as a ‘worldly passion’ belonging to the FALLEN MIND?
A: Traditionally sex, pleasure, money and success have been associated with evil (Abstinence, sadness, poverty and suffering have all been associated with spirituality). They are all God given-gifts that need to be led by the Spirit.

Q: How can sex be freed for good?
A: Sex needs to be withIN a lifelong commitment called ‘marriage’. Anything less reduces the value of sex, as well as bruising the souls of the people who misuse it.

Q: How can the CITIES OF THE NEW MIND help us to be more true to who we really are?
A: Fear causes the real you to hide behind an image. The Trains Of faith ALONG with the Cities of the New Mind help us to be who God made us to be.

Q: It’s difficult for the world to separate the destructive behaviour of the FALLEN MIND from a God-given gift in the NATURAL MIND. Describe how ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may be a gift disguised as a disorder.
A: ADHD is really ADHA – Attention DeFIcit Hyperactivity Asset! It’s the ability to spin a lot of plates at the same time. It’s a great ‘starter gift’ for new projects and plans.

Q: A lot of the geeks who work for places like NASA show Autistic Tendencies. Describe how Autism could be a gift hidden by various social disorders.
A: Autism is the ability to hyper focus and lock into an ‘obsession’ about something. It’s USUally accompanied by social awkwardness. It’s a characteristic of many geniuses and is the gift behind BOTH Nerds and Geeks.


Q: Why is it so hard to repent when we find ourselves on the wrong TRAIN OF THOUGHT?
A: It’s hard when other people are joining you in your sinful flaunts. It’s difficult to back down in humility and admit you’re wrong. Sometimes we enjoy being on the ‘wrong train’. Sin is only tempting because it has an ‘enjoyable’ side to it.


Q: Asking God to fill us with the Spirit in order to increase the flow of the RIVER OF GLADNESS is a great prayer. What are other great prayers we can pray?
A: Prayers of thanksgiving, praise, worship, intercession, repentance and inFIlling are all great prayers to pray.


Q: From Mark 11:22-25 (the scripture about mountain-moving faith), what are all the conditions for answered prayer?
A: Believing / Asking / Refusing to doubt / Forgiveness

Q: What is doubt and how can we beat it?
A: Doubt is the wavering between Trains of Faith and Trains of Unbelief. It ends up building a Camp at the grand Central Station. It can be broken by quick obedience, not speaking words of doubt, meditating on truth and repentance from entertaining fears.


Q: How does the will get stronger?
A: GRAND CENTRAL is like a muscle. The more we exercise it for good, the stronger it gets.


Q: How do STEPS give us hope for the present and the future?
A: Every journey can be broken into steps. Nothing is ever achieved ‘overnight’, the demolition of ‘bad habits’ and the construction of ‘new habits’ takes time! It takes steps and not leaps.


Q: Why does being sure of our inner victory help us in the battle to renew our MINDS?
A: If you know that you come from a position of strength and success, you’ll realise that even though it may be tough going, you will eventually succeed in the process of renewing of the mind. Momentum becomes your very close friend!


Q: When will I start to feel and be more victorious in life?
A: When the CITIES OF THE NEW MIND start to take shape and start to change the SKYLINE OF THE MIND, it becomes easier to live in the victory that is ours through Jesus Christ.

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