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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!



If You Think You Can [TASTER]

Who said ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’? Who told us not to ‘count our chickens before they hatch’? Who said ‘beggars can’t be choosers’?
The thinking of our world is revealed through it’s most popular sayings and paradigms. Many of these sayings are filled with fear, negativity and reserve. If You Think You Can! directly challenges this way of thinking. It confronts fear with faith, negativity with optimism and conservatism with the great possibilities for those who dare. This will make you believe you can – and think you can! Change your thinking – change your world!

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Think Twice [TASTER]

Mixed with a touch of humour, Think Twice gives over 500 nuggets of wisdom to help you in your Private World, your Public World, your Church World and the World of ‘Handy Hints’. Divided into 50 ‘Top 10s’, Dave Gilpin explains everything from how to win over temptation, to how to navigate the seasons of Christian living. If you are a preacher, you’ll find endless outlines to cut and paste for your own messages!

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Rage Against Beige [FREE]

Rage Against Beige is a visual rant against the colour beige by Dave Gilpin. He’s got a passion against everything average, everything mediocre, and everything bland. He believes that every person was born with a ‘divine spark’ within them; that is filled with gifts, talents and abilities that reside in the Natural Region of the Mind. He’s on a mission to detach these gifts from the fears, doubts, and desires of the Fallen Mind and attach them to the truth and life of the New Region of the Mind. Dave sold this concept to Ikea to be used as part of their national advertising for the UK market.

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This fantastic e-book is from the personal journey of Dave Gilpin, revealing that what the world might see as a deficiency may actually be your greatest asset!

ADHA is written from Dave Gilpin’s personal experience of learning to turn what has previously been known as a weakness (ADHD) into a strength which has enabled him to juggle numerous projects and build a thriving multi congergational church in England, UK. Dave recognises that everyone has quirks and character traits which have to be honed to produce something of value and worth. This e-book will inspire anyone who has struggled with or who lives relatives with personality gifts such as ADD or ADHD. It’s time you turned your weaknesses into strengths.

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