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The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future!

The Quirky Podcasts

The Quirky Podcasts

The Quirky Podcasts take you through the landscape of The Mind using The Mind Map analogy. Preached live by Dave Gilpin at a secret location, each podcast holds snippets of information from key Bible verses related to the Thinking Process. It’s the UNOFFICIAL guide to the Mind Map Adventure. We’re changing the World one podcast at a time!

Podcast One – How to Successfully Change your Thinking

Duration: 01:55
A pastoral guide to not growing weary in the gradual change of The Thinking Process. Success is rarely overnight but it is certain!


Podcast Two – How Your Mind Works

Duration: 08:45
A quick look at Romans 12:2 and how habits determine your future. Also includes the bias of The Mind towards the sinful as well as unconscious habits that dictate our behaviour when our guard is down.


Podcast Three – What are Strongholds and how are they created?

Duration: 07:21
A quick look at 2 Corinthians10:4-5 and how simple thoughts board Trains of Thought that lead to establishing Cities of Habit.


Podcast Four – The Three Regions of The Carnal Mind

Duration: 7:49
A quick look at Colossians 3: 1-10 and on outlining of The Royal Cities, The Historic Cities and The Industrial Cities of the Fallen Region of the Mind. (WARNING – It’s a little heavy, but it’s worth it!)


Podcast Five – Strongholds and their link with our Imaginations, Emotions, Reasoning and Leanings (or Instincts)

Duration: 05:15
Again, a quick review of 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5 and an explanation of the types of strongholds that exist in the Christian’s mind.


Podcast Six – How Trains of Thought are created

Duration: 06:13
A further look at a number of practiced examples of how simple thoughts can trigger certain temptations to board and establish Trains of Thought that lead to growing and establishing destructive Cities of Habit in The Fallen Mind.


Podcast Seven – Grand Central Station of The Will

Duration: 03:35
In the centre of the Mind lies The Grand Central Station of The Will. From there, trains leave to enter The Three Regions of The Fallen Mind or the Seven Cities of the New Mind.


Podcast Eight – The Cities of The New Mind. Continued.

Duration: 05:49
A quick look at 1 Corinthians 13 and The Metropolis of Love that both celebrates who you are and guards The Mind from The Pollutions of The Cities of The Fallen Mind.


Podcast Nine – The City of Peace

Duration: 02:47
A quick look at passages such as Philippians 4:7 and Colossians 3:15. A look at how The City of Peace is an Armoured City in The Mind and a Powerful weapon against The Strategies of the Carnal Mind.


Podcast Ten – The Skyline of Your Mind will determine the Skyline of Your Future Part 1

Duration: 05:06
A pastoral view of how God is involved in the establishing of New Trains of Thought and New Cities of Habit in your mind.


Podcast Eleven – The Skyline of Your Mind will determine the Skyline of Your Future Part 2

Duration: 3:50
A further view of how God is involved in the establishing of New Trains of Thought and New Cities of Habit in your mind.


Podcast Twelve – If you’re Scared, do it Scared!

Duration: 03:33
A look at how your choices in times of fear and doubt determine the future of your world. A look also at how being tempted can be turned around as an act of real worship when resisted.


Podcast Thirteen – The City of Goodness and Who is The Real You!

Duration: 05:33
Often there is a variation between who we are in private and who we are in public. We often say that our Public Face is the impostor when, in actual fact, our Private Face is often the real impostor.


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    These podcasts are incredible! I can’t believe the creativity and madness that goes on inside Dave Gilpin’s head and then actually getting these ideas out in a way that can reach anyone. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what is coming next.

    Keep up the great work Dave.

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    I’ve just downloaded all your podcasts! Haven’t heard them yet but am looking forward to playing them soon. Thanks for making them available. The Mind Map stuff is great. A real encouragement and a practical/accessible mind tool. Greetings to you from here in Hampshire, UK.

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